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Chapinero is in the north of Bogotá and is one of the city's traditional localities. A large part of Bogotá's musical culture has developed in this locality, due to the operation of studios and auditoriums in the area. The localiti of Chapinero owes its name to Antón Hero Cepeda, a Spanish shoemaker, who shortly after the arrival of Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada's troops to the Bogotá savannah, married the daughter of the chief of Usaquén from whom they received a ranch, of one hundred and fifty hectares, located on the edge of the road that borders the mountains, whose dwelling place was located in the place that today occupies the gas station of the 59 with Seventh. Due to the fact that Don Antón was a manufacturer of chapines, that is, wooden soled shoes and leather strap, ideal for the mud that surrounded the farmhouse on the properties that remained, he was nicknamed ‘Chapinero’


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