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The biosecurity, distance is necessary and the use of masks and disinfection elements are a priority. For this reason, “Bogotá A Cielo Abierto” is for restaurants and bars to resume their activity and once again serve diners with table service, using open spaces.

“Bogotá a Cielo Abierto” began on September 3, 2020 under the district administration and will run, according to initial projections, until December. To give shape to the reactivation pilot, 6 modalities were contemplated that included: extension of spaces, use of platforms, closing of some streets, squares and parks, "drive thru" or service to the vehicle and food trucks.

Life goes on in Bogotá, the city has been prepared so that your visit becomes a complete experience: to discover new places, discover more flavors and experience the city with intensity and self-care.

The initiative began with 879 restaurants and cafeterias (around 3,051 locations of establishments) distributed throughout the city and arranged for the implementation of the plan. Each authorized place has separate spaces that favor distancing; menus, reservations and orders have been digitized to reduce contact; In addition, the logistics of transport and location have been reoriented so that security is a seal of guarantee "A Cielo Abierto".

The squares and some places have been enabled to operate with a maximum capacity that maintains the biosafety protocols and they have followed these 8 principles:

1. Register at bogotaacieloabierto.gov.co and obtain permission.

2. Digitize the formes.

3. Implement a digital reservation system.

4. Participate in the training processes in biosafety and waste management protocols.

5. Guarantee a minimum distance of 2 meters between each table and install a sign that allows distance.

6. Carry out disinfection and cleaning processes every time a guest leaves the establishment.

7. Use protective clothing and biosecurity.

8. Sign a manifesto of commitment to follow all the rules and ensure that the 'new reality' is sustainable.


"Bogotá A Cielo Abierto" is the beginning of the new social reality of the city, the measure is consolidated as an alternative to live again special moments in incredible and unique places in the capital. So you already have options to schedule your visit, organize your itinerary and enjoy many outdoor establishments.

Without a doubt, Bogotá has everything to welcome you: natural settings, imposing buildings, stories to discover, businesses to close and now, facing the new reality, endless possibilities in a city that throbs under the open sky.

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