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Bogotá by bike

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The bicycle is not only a means of transportation in Bogotá, but a lifestyle as well. The city offers residents and tourists several options as to where to go by bicycle. Everybody can have unique experiences to explore the capital through the Bike path network; the traditional Sunday Ciclovia and the Bicitravesias, offering wonderful options to enjoy the city and the different landscapes of the nearby towns. In recent years, the city's road infrastructure has been transformed to improve mobility and provide an important space for bicycles. With more than 540 km of bicycle routes and more than 120 km of ciclovía, it is the largest linear park in Latin America, where more than one and a half million people go out every Sunday to enjoy it. 

The capital has free bike tours to discover tourist attractions and its surroundings. These activities allow tourists to get to know the ecological corridors and sectors where graffiti is prevalent as a different sample of urban art.


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Bogotá Tourist Ciclovía

Tourist Ciclovía

The main character of this guided tour is the Calle 26 corridor, a fundamental axis for the history and development of Bogotá. Tourists can pedal through the most extensive modern art gallery in the city, getting to know sculptures and heritage sites that are landmarks of our city. A new...

Free Bike Tour Alameda Juan Amarillo Bogotá


For a unique experience in the city, take a tour of the Alameda Juan Amarillo, with specialized guides who will take you on a discovery tour of two of Bogotá's most important ecosystems, the Juan Amarillo Wetland and the Jaboque Wetland, a 40 km route that takes you from east to west through...